The people of Chicago are livid. It seems like day by day, the citizens of Chicago are realizing that police on citizen violence is a major problem.

 U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday announced a federal investigation into the Chicago Police Department due to the details of this police involved shooting of a 17 year old. The video, which shows 17 year old Laquan McDonald being shot 17 times by Officer Jason Van Dyke.

Last week Emanuel fired Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, and on Monday, ahead of Lynch’s announcement that the DOJ would be conducting a far-reaching investigation into the patterns and practices of the Chicago PD, Emanuel also fired the head of Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority, which investigates allegations of police misconduct. At the same time, the police department’s head of detectives resigned.

News of a federal investigation was welcome news for many as the trust gap between the city’s most aggrieved communities and the administration and police has grown depressingly wide. Emanuel, who just a week ago appeared adamant that a Justice Department investigation was not warranted or wanted, on Monday enthusiastically embraced the intervention.

“We are going to welcome this investigation, we are going to cooperate with it and it’s in our long-term interests,” Emanuel said on Monday afternoon. “The city needs answers in what happened to Laquan McDonald, his tragic and avoidable death. But this is bigger than one incident.”