In the fall of 1966, African American activists from the impoverished North End of Flint, Michigan, turned out for a series of hearings on racial inequality sponsored by the state's Civil Rights Commission. One of those who testified, Ailene Butler, drew links between the segregationist policies that had created the North End and the corporate practices that had poisoned its inhabitants.

The water crisis continues in Flint, Michigan, where the state is supplying residents with bottled water and filters for the foreseeable future.

The aging pipes have been leaching lead into the city’s drinking water, as a result of a decision in 2014 to switch the city’s water supply – and a failure to treat that water for its corrosiveness. The city has switched back to its previous water supply, but lead continues to contaminate the water. Below is an article by The New York Times detailing events that lead up to the Flint, MI water crisis.

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