By 8 a.m. Sunday, the final day of the month, about 280 people had been shot in January, according to a Chicago Tribune analysis of Police Department data. Shootings nearly doubled from last January and — perhaps more worrisome — jumped nearly 60 percent from the first month of 2012, the last year in which homicides rose above 500.

Last year, the city saw just 29 murders and 136 shooting victims in January, meaning the numbers have increased by nearly 76 and 115 percent, respectively, in 2016.

“Both figures represent unacceptable increases from 2015 and were driven primarily by gang conflicts and retaliatory violence,” a Chicago Police Department rep said in a statement. “The vast majority of incidents originated from petty disagreements that escalated into gun violence that tore apart families.” 

The Chicago Tribune recently posted an article regarding crime in Chicago and an extremely bloody start to 2016. Check it out below.

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