In his first visit to an American mosque Wednesday,President Obama condemned "inexcusable political rhetoric against Muslim Americans that has no place in our country."

The president said he recognized that Muslim-Americans were being "targeted and blamed for the acts of a few"."Most Americans don't know of don't know they know a Muslim person," he said. "Many only hear about Muslims and Islam from the news after an act of terror, or in a distorted media portrayal on TV or in a film".

 For Muslim advocates, Obama's visit was a long-awaited gesture to a community that has warned of escalating vitriol against them that has accompanied the public's concern about the Islamic State and other extremist groups. Although Obama has visited mosques overseas in the past, he waited until his final year in office to make such a visit at home, reflecting the issue's sensitive political implications. wrote an incredible article regarding Obamas visit. Check it out below!

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