This past weekend in Copenhagen. Kweli claims he was hit and kicked by two individuals who were shouting racial slurs and other obscenities.

 Luckily, the rapper was accompanied by a friend who was there to “help out” during the attack. No charges were filed. The artist’s gig went on as scheduled but Kweli said that the incident has definitely coloured his perception of Christiania, the alternative self-proclaimed ‘freetown’ in the heart of Copenhagen that he said he has been visiting for around 15 years. 


“I was introduced to the area by J-Ro of the Alkaholiks, who spends a lot time in Malmö. I recorded my verse for Kanye West's ‘Get Em High’ there. I've researched the place, I know its history. I have great respect for what that community has accomplished. I am not some tourist who obliviously wandered in,” Kweli told The Local. 


Some Instagram users disputed Kweli's claim that the incident was racially motivated and said that the American rapper had been taking photos of the cannabis stalls on Pusher Street, something that has led to numerous assaults before.