Cop21 is now underway . Finally giving World Leaders a chance to meet in Paris to finalize an international climate change agreement that will require deeper emissions reduction commitments from all countries; whether developed or still developing.


This "New Agreement" will lay-out minimum obligations, implement platforms to spur additional action in developing countries, give support to the most vulnerable countries regarding climate change, and establish systems to ensure countries hold up their end of the deal. The agreement will allow greater investments to aid developing countries in building low-carbon, climate-resilient economies.

 The bottom line is that countries have realized that it is in their own interest to cut their carbon pollution. Almost as if they have realized that far from destroying the economy, domestic climate action produces real benefits for their citizens. This includes new jobs, reduced poverty, and lower mortality rates. We are depending on the world to take the first step in Paris. This will allow countries to be prepared to build stronger climate commitments over time. The Paris Agreement won't "solve" climate change. However, it’s an amazing start. 



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