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Our Chicago Market is full of support and those who really want to affect change! We work closely with everyone from musicians, to athletes, to politicians. We feel as though the windy city was made to be in the forefront in the fight for justice. We are always looking for new members with who want to represent this great city and organization.

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YDot GDot, Hip Hop Caucus Chicago Coordinator

Aaron Pierce born December 22,1989 better known as his stage name YdotGdot, is a Rapper .. Host .. Entertainer  .. Actor from the south side of chicago. Ydot has been an opening act for various mainstream artist such as, Soulja Boy, Lloyd, Ace Hood, Trey songz. Ydot’s rise to  popularity came with his 2010 hit single Little Dress. Doing numbers on iTunes and YouTube he caught the eyes of many djs worldwide.  He also has engaged in the hosting of many parties in the chicago, champaign, dekalb, and Carbondale. In 2012 he took over college campuses with his smash record Allen 3, which is a dance based on a dorm in Carbondale.  With all the controversy  surrounding the video it reached 50 thousand views on YouTube, and worldstar hiphop.com status, so it gave Ydot the right to nickname himself the “King of Anthems”.  In Febuary 2013 Ydot dropped another smash called “Baddie” which received alot of attention from the female culture. Baddie merchandise such as shirts and hoodies aided the rise of the song and Ydot’s credibility. The baddie song caught the eye of rapper Sasha Go Hard who without hesitation jumped on the remix. Searching YdotGdot on YouTube and google you will be surprised on the amount of work the NERDY kid from chicago has put in. Ydot’s humbleness and eagerness to do positive things pushed him to do more. Not stopping at being an entertainer, Ydot made another lane for himself, being an activist. April 16th,2014 he created a organization called “AntiChiraq”, which is a anti violence campaign. AntiChiraq quickly grew, and Ydot was featured on the front of the Chicago Sun Times newspaper.  Ydot is a man of many talents.

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