We aim to build the community through unifying one another and joining for a common cause. Our Leadership Committees feature the needle movers and tastemakers in each city. I denitrify with your Local Hip Hop Caucus Coordinator to get involved. All Power To The People!


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Umar Muhammad, Hip Hop Caucus Raleigh Durham Coordinator

 Umar Muhammad has made sports advocacy and development his life’s work.  Born in Durham, NC and raised in the heart of “Tobacco Road,” he intimately understands the value and importance that sports participation has on individuals, families and communities.  His vision for more “active communities” where recreation, leisure and sport activities are positioned so that their value to society is explicit, apparent and a utility in addressing social challenges guides his interests. 

Umar’s present service and leadership activities include appointments to both the Recreation Advisory Commission (RAC) and the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council for Durham City/County, NC.  He continues advocated for sports development strategies in numerous venues and settings from college campuses and educational symposiums to public policy forums and business workshops.  Umar believes deeply in the regions potential to grow a creative economy through sports development. 

Umar’s passionate sports advocacy is grounded in his unique experiences and educational background.  After attending Fork Union Military Academy for 4 years, he went on to graduate from NC State with a concentration in sports psychology.  After numerous years working the basketball camp circuit, he received a coaching position at NC Central University, where he completed his master’s degree in Sports Administration and an internship with the NC General Assembly.  During this time he also completed requirements for the Duke University Non-Profit Management certificate program.  

Umar founded the NC Men’s League, a sport for development club, whose purpose is to enhance underserved young men’s lives through sports interventions and strategic partnerships.  He is also works as a Sport Strategist in his start-up business, USports Consulting, LLC where he helps organizations and businesses strengthen bonds and build bridges in the community through sustainable, sports-based strategies. Our current sports efforts include:




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