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    Respect My Vote! is the only major non-partisan Hip Hop voter mobilization campaign this Election cycle. We focus on educating, registering and mobilizing young people of color between the ages of 18-39 who live in urban and rural communities, do not attend college, or attend Historically Black Universities and Community Colleges.


    Our elected officials should be concerned with solving our problems and concerns, not those of special interests who can afford to bundle large contributions. The Hip Hop Caucus is fighting for Fair Elections because corporations should not have undue influence over our democratic process. Politicians must be accountable to the people that elected them, not the corporations and lobbyists who are financing their campaigns.



Take the Respect My Vote! Voter Pledge and become a part of our voter team!

By taking the Respect My Vote! Voter Pledge, you are pledging to vote this November 2nd in the midterm elections, and that you support Fair Elections. We will make your trip to the polls as easy as possible by making sure you are registered to vote, and updating you with reminders like what hotline to call if you have problems on election day, how to find your polling place, and also special celebrity messages.

We want to make this process as easy as possible for you so you can go to the polls with the confidence that your voice WILL be heard and your vote WILL be respected.