S2 Ep 16: Course Correcting w/ Marilyn Waite

How do we create a world where sustainability values of social cohesion, environmental consciousness, inter-generational equity, and economic health are the drivers of decision-making and business practices? This is the vision of global citizen Marilyn Waite, who leads the climate and clean energy finance portfolio at the Hewlett Foundation. We caught up with Marilyn to discuss some of the steps to make that vision a reality, which requires course correcting the climate movement to become anti-racist. More at TheCoolestShow.com and @Think100Climate. #BlackLivesMatter #Think100

S2 Ep 15: History Lives w/ Tara Houska

Systemic racism and structural inequity is deeply rooted in the history of America. But it’s not history – it’s reality for Indigenous people and people of color in 2020. As an Ingigenous leader and freedom fighter, Tara Houska is on the frontlines, using her skills as a lawyer and organizer against the machines of injustice. We caught up with her to discuss her work to stop the Line 3 Tarsands oil pipeline, COVID-19’s impact on Indigenous people, the intersection of Indigenous rights and the Black lives matter movement.We also learn how she isdoing after being maced and arrested by the Minneapolis police while protesting George Floyd’s murder. More at TheCoolestShow.com and @Think100Climate. #MniWiconi #BlackLivesMatter #Think100