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Tone is from Washington DC and became a member of Hip Hop Caucus in 2007. He was working at the hat store that creates Rev Yearwood’s iconic campaign hats when they struck up a friendship, bonding over their mutual passion for inspiring positive change. As a recording artist, songwriter and poet, issues such as voter rights, climate change, police brutality, and gun violence have inspired Tone to use his voice to spark change in his community with his peers. Being a member of Hip Hop Caucus has connected Tone with others who strive to help others and mobilize for meaningful change that will impact his generation and the generations that follow.


Plug Migo is a Chicago native who recently relocated to Los Angeles to further his career in music production, acting, and fashion design. He first became aware of Hip Hop Caucus through social media and identified with Hip Hop Caucus’ Respect My Vote! campaign. As a Mexican American, he’s felt increasing tension and division over issues like immigration and the unbalanced distribution of wealth in the US. He feels that voter turnout and engagement shape policy. Plug Migo especially relates to Hip Hop Caucus’ use of culture to spark action. He grew up on Tupac and watched the way that Pac used his platform to impact culture. It inspired him to use hip hop, his Mexican heritage, and his talent to bring about positive change.

Lisa Brown became acquainted with Hip Hop Caucus through her brother, Young Hustle, when he began working with The Caucus years ago. A Chicago native, Lisa believes that a lack of education and awareness is the biggest hindrance for people in underserved communities. As a business owner and an active member of her community, it’s important to her that the voices of those in urban communities are heard. An organization using Hip Hop as a catalyst for engagement was a refreshing approach to Lisa and she was eager to learn more about the organization. As an African-American woman from a marginalized community, any issues pertaining to the development of minorities are of great importance to Lisa. Black Lives Matter is a movement that is close to her heart. She stand for women’s rights, voter rights, and emphasizing just how great of an impact our votes have on our country. Lisa is committed to strengthening the democracy in this country and paving a better future for generations to come.

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Why become a member of Hip Hop Caucus?
We all have a role to play in our democracy and real change won’t happen if we sit on the sidelines. Join us to create a better country and world for all.
What does it mean to be a member of Hip Hop Caucus?
Being part of Hip Hop Caucus means that you stand for justice, equity, prosperity, and positive change! It also means you can use your cultural expression to shape your political experience. All of us play a critical role in empowering our communities to engage in our democracy to create real change that we all deserve.
How do I join Hip Hop Caucus?
You can join Hip Hop Caucus by clicking here.
How can I donate to Hip Hop Caucus?
You can donate by clicking here.
Why should I donate?
We build movements that people want to be a part of, where you can be yourself; where you can come to learn how issues matter in your life; where you hear from voices you care about; where we speak to right and wrong in simple terms; where we focus on solutions to problems; and, where big, seemingly impossible challenges, are broken into fights that we can win, step by step, together. We make it possible for people of all backgrounds who are connected by culture to unite together.
Can someone from Hip Hop Caucus speak at my event?
Please visit the Media Center for more information.
Can I interview a member of the Hip Hop Caucus team?
Please visit the Media Center for more information.
Does Hip Hop Caucus have campus chapters?
Please visit Campus Chapters for more information.
Is Hip Hop Caucus hiring?
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Can I follow Hip Hop Caucus on social media?
Yes. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.