Leslie Bray, Executive Assistant & Office Manager at Hip Hop Caucus

Leslie Bray brings over ten years of HR and Administration experience to her position as Executive Assistant & Office Manager at Hip Hop Caucus. Leslie’s past experience was in the private sector working as a recruiter and in administrative support in the fashion, finance, technology and media industries. She brings her knowledge of these industries and her skills and experience in identifying and supporting talent to Hip Hop Caucus, which partners with leaders in these same industries to create powerful strategies to reach, engage, and organize communities.

Leslie has always had a personal interest in activism and promoting social change. Issues such as prison reform, human rights, gun reform, animal welfare, and a more rigorous police training and evaluation process are personally important to her and she is thrilled to bring her corporate experience to Hip Hop Caucus where she can affect change in these areas.. An avid sports and pop-culture fan, Leslie is passionate about seeing influencers use their platforms to educate and empower people. In these ways, Hip Hop Caucus has given her the incredible opportunity to merge her personal and professional passions.

A Connecticut native, she attended Western Connecticut State University where she concentrated in Communications and Theater Arts. Leslie lives in Los Angeles and likes to kick it with her dog (Walter) and her cat (McRib).