Strengthening Democracy: Participation and Access: We register, educate, and mobilize voters through our nonpartisan “Respect My Vote!” campaign, and fight against attacks on voting rights and advocate for election system reforms that make voting easier for Americans. Visit

Climate Change and Environmental Justice: We advocate for action on climate that will stop and reverse the impacts of climate change that are happening now, particularly from the perspective of communities of color for which pollution and climate impacts are life and death issues. Our “People’s Climate Music” project breaks down traditional climate movement silos by expanding the movement into pop and urban cultural spaces. Visit

Revitalizing Vulnerable Communities: We empower communities to implement holistic, placebased solutions that address environmental, health, and economic issues by leveraging funds and providing resources.

Civil and Human Rights: From police violence and criminal justice reform, to quality public education, healthcare, immigration, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and racial justice, we lead and act as allies on the biggest civil and human rights issues of today.

Economic Empowerment: We advocate for jobs and an economy that works for everyone. We promote access to capital for small businesses in our communities,  nancial literacy training for youth, and divestinvest strategies away from harmful industries to economically empowering solutions.