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We are in the fight of our lives for justice and liberation, and we need your voice.

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2023 marks the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop

This historic moment is a chance to reflect on the past and prepare for the next 50 years. These decades have been a vibrant tapestry of powerful moments that unite us, inspire us, and demand our attention.

From laws that aim to use lyrics as evidence in court to voting rights being restricted in several states across the country, we continue to witness attempts to silence our voice and diminish our power. Hip Hop Caucus fights every day, using our cultural expression to dismantle oppressive systems and create real change for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. And we can do so much more with your support.

It is our duty to use our collective cultural and political power to ensure a better world for the generations that follow us. That is the power of our art and our voice.

We Shall Breathe

The We Shall Breathe Virtual Summit brings together activists, climate justice experts, artists, and community members to inspire you to help stop the petrochemical industry, particularly in Black and brown communities in Houston, Louisiana, and the Ohio River Valley, which are production epicenters in the United States.

Download and Stream "Speak Up" Today!

We teamed up with GRAMMY-nominated singer, songwriter and producer Eric Bellinger to release an original record as part of Hip Hop Caucus’ Respect My Vote! campaign. The song is part of a larger trend of “movement music” — anthems designed to give a raw and uncompromising voice to social justice movements.

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Respect My Vote

Think 100%

Listen to The Coolest Show!

The Coolest Show is about connecting you to brilliant leaders from the culture, grassroots, and politics. Our guests bring their full selves and lived experiences to each episode. The Coolest Show is a safe space to build community based in our humanity. Here we discuss how we fight the racist policies that have led to brutality, pollution and the climate crisis in our communities. If you are looking for ways to fight for Black liberation and fight for climate and environmental justice, this is the show for you.