Hip Hop Caucus Applauds SCOTUS Decision on ‘Moore v. Harper’

WASHINGTON — Today, Hip Hop Caucus Executive Vice President, Campaigns and Advocacy, Tanya Clay House issued the following statement in response to the United States Supreme Court 6-3 decision in Moore v. Harper case of on Independent State Legislature Theory:

“Hip Hop Caucus applauds the United States Supreme Court decision in the voting rights case Moore v. Harper, rejecting North Carolina lawmaker’s attempt to remove the role of courts in our election process. Our democracy is built on a system of checks and balances to maintain level power across our branches of government. 

Therefore, state courts absolutely must be empowered to provide oversight of elections. State legislatures should not have independent, unchecked power to gerrymander voting maps, enact discriminatory voting laws, or manipulate elections for partisan benefit. Fairness in our electoral system and government are imperative and this decision is a step toward making sure that the will of the majority of the people is truly represented. While we applaud this decision, the Hip Hop Caucus still emphasizes the urgent need for Congress to fulfill its duties and pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Advancement Act in order to further reaffirm the voting rights protections of all citizens.”

About Hip Hop Caucus 

Formed in 2004, the Hip Hop Caucus (HHC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that leverages Hip Hop culture to encourage young people to participate in the democratic process. Through a collaborative leadership network, HHC addresses core issues affecting underserved communities. HHC programs and campaigns support solution-driven community organizing led by today’s young leaders.