Hip Hop Caucus Hurricane Ida Relief Fund

The Hip Hop Caucus Hurricane Ida Relief Fund is raising funds to immediately benefit families and individuals impacted by Hurricane Ida and who are in need of urgent assistance throughout the Gulf Coast. Every dollar raised is going directly to families and people as cash for the things they most need right now, whether it be food, gas, lodging, medicine, or other emergency expenses.

How It Works

  1. Hip Hop Caucus’ team members in the Gulf Coast are identifying families and individuals who are eligible for the relief.
  2. Hip Hop Caucus is disbursing the funds directly to the individuals in need. Each household will receive the same flat amount in fund relief.

Please contact us if you have additional questions about the relief fund.

If you’ve already donated, visit the Hurricane Ida Relief Fund Impact page to see how your donation has helped the region.

Total Raised

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Next Steps from Hip Hop Caucus President and CEO Rev Yearwood

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The Hurricane Ida Relief Fund is managed by Hip Hop Caucus Education Fund, Inc.

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