S5 Ep 15: Black Executives w/ Jahi Wise

The scale of the climate crisis requires unprecedented investments to combat its causes and impacts. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) allocated $27 billion to EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF), composed of three grant programs designed to: reduce greenhouse gas emissions; deliver the benefits of clean energy technologies to “low-income and disadvantaged” communities; and mobilize financing and private capital to stimulate the deployment of additional clean energy projects. Jahi Wise is the Acting Director for the GGRF and Senior Advisor to the Administrator. In this episode, he speaks with Rev Yearwood about climate finance, GGRF’s three programs, and the future he’s committed to creating for his children.

Learn More: www.epa.gov/greenhouse-gas-reduction-fund/about-greenhouse-gas-reduction-fund

Our Black Executive series highlights Black folk in pivotal roles in the Biden-Harris Administration. Given the Administration’s investment in climate and clean energy and its relatively short timeline, we want to ensure those individuals who have been tasked with what could accurately be called an “impossible feat” are seen and supported. Like the rest of us, they have humanity and their own vision for the work. While the Administration might not bring the entirety of their visions to fruition, we want to archive it all so that in community, we can continue to support their efforts for our people and the whole planet.

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