S5 Ep 6: Recovering Identity w/ Destiny Hodges, Vic Barrett, & Mitchelle Mhaka

There’s a generation of organizers and activists that are burning out before they reach or cement themselves in adulthood. While this isn’t a new phenomenon because young people have been the foundation of many movements, the scale of young people engaged in the climate movement and the wide impact of the climate crisis should prompt us to be intentional with their care and repair. On this episode of The Coolest Show Destiny Hodges speaks to climate activist Vic Barrett and Mitchelle Mhaka, coordinator for the African Climate Alliance, about performative activism, tokenization, rest and recovery.

trigger warning:

On this episode of The Coolest Show, we will have a conversation about care & repair. Our conversation will include many topics including suicide, burn out, stress, and many things that you may be dealing with personally. If you feel alone and need help please contact the suicide hotline by calling or texting 988 or visit https://988lifeline.org to chat with a counselor.

If Outside the US please visit the link below to find support in your country or territory:


Here at The Coolest Show, we love you.