Green The Block

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The promise held by a new green economy presents the opportunity to fight climate change while simultaneously revitalizing communities struggling from decades of economic and environmental degradation. That is why Hip Hop Caucus created Green The Block. Green the Block is a national campaign and coalition aimed at helping low-income communities of color become driving forces of the clean-energy economy.

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Green the Block has three goals:

To educate and raise awareness within communities of color about the need for and benefits of a clean energy economy;
To furnish communities of color with the tools, skills, and capital to be active, succeed, and play a leadership role in the clean energy economy; and
To build a foundation within communities of color for sustained employment, entrepreneurship and wealth in the clean energy economy.


Green the Block’s comprehensive strategy has three primary pillars: Education & Awareness, Grassroots Advocacy, and Youth Activism

Education & Awareness: Green the Block raises awareness within low-income communities of color about the particular impacts of climate change and climate policy on their communities. Green the Block uniquely leverages its strong celebrity relationships to reach these communities with effective spokespeople. Celebrities make special appearances that highlight the green economy at the grassroots level, as well as create public service announcements and generate celebrity driven media content. The content of Green the Block’s education and awareness messages and materials focus on how to be heard in the clean-energy debate and how to join the movement for a just, green economy. Through effective platforms, including urban radio, mixtapes, and barber-shop materials, Green the Block also provides low-income communities of color with information about how to live greener, healthier lives, while living within their means.

Grassroots Advocacy: The only way to ensure that climate policy provides economic opportunity and meets the specific needs of low-income communities of color is to engage them in national and local policy debates. Green the Block helps low-income communities of color advocate effectively to their Members of Congress and Senators for strong equity provisions in the federal climate bill. Equally important, Green the Block helps communities engage with local and statewide officials and leaders in crafting fair and effective implementation plans for green projects

Youth Activism: Green the Block will place a particular emphasis on engaging young people of color in the economic and social growth opportunities of a clean-energy economy. Extending the reach of our “Education and Awareness” strategy, Green the Block will organizes educational tours on historically Black and Latino colleges and universities designed to inspire and mobilize young people of color to become leaders, innovators, and practitioners in the clean-energy economy.

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