Hip Hop Caucus at the 18th Annual Katrina March and Secondline

Tuesday, August 29th marked the 18th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

When Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast 18 years ago, Black people and poor people were left to die in the richest country in the world. Each year on the anniversary we commemorate our loved ones we lost, celebrate our resiliency, and demand justice and a just future.

Each and every year since Hurricane Katrina, we have marked the anniversary by organizing a community led commemoration. Annually, we start the morning in the Lower 9th Ward where the levees broke, with a healing ceremony and a reading of the names of those who died. We then march through the streets until a brass band joins us at our half-way point to lead us the rest of the way in the New Orleans’ Second Line tradition. We end at Hunter’s Field where we hold a rally with speakers and performers. Join us this year for the 18 year anniversary.

See below for photos from this year’s commemoration, hosted by Hip Hop Caucus and the Katrina Commemoration Foundation.