A Sofa Session with Big Wind Carpenter

As Hip Hop Caucus celebrates the 54th anniversary of Earth Day this year, we’re reflecting on how we’ve fought the climate crisis daily by showing up for environmental justice fights from the U.S. south to the Global South.

COP28 was the 28th United Nations Climate Change conference, held from November 30th to December 13th at Expo City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was the largest COP in history. It also had a record number of fossil fuel lobbyists present at the two-week conference.

Big Wind Carpenter is a two-spirit member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe and is from the Wind River Reservation. They currently work as the Tribal engagement coordinator at the Wyoming Outdoor Council and attended COP28. In this sofa session, Big Wind reflects on their time attending the last four COPs, emphasizing the power of direct action, and previewing what’s next in our journey toward liberation for Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples.