Hip Hop Caucus Statement on President Trump’s Dirty Water Rule

Washington D.C. – The Trump administration is finalizing a rule that is expected to remove federal protections on tens of millions of people’s drinking water supplies. In response to the news about this rule that will strip protections in the Clean Water Act, Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., President & CEO of Hip Hop Caucus, issued the following statement:

“Clean water is foundational to our communities, our livelihood, and our future. The dismantling of the Clean Water Act puts all of these at risk and further deepens the health and opportunity inequities facing our low-income and communities of color. Clean water is a basic human right and there are lawmakers on both sides of the aisle that have consistently recognized the value of federal protections to safeguard America’s clean water. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration’s Dirty Water Rule is nothing more than a gift to corporate interests who will continue to profit from exploiting our water resources and humanity for their own financial gain. It’s time to stand for our communities, our well-being, for equity, and stand against this threat that puts profits over people.”


Media Contact: Mark Antoniewicz | e: media@hiphopcaucus.com | p: 202-740-1177

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