Hip Hop Caucus Applauds EPA’s Stronger Clean Air Standards for Chemical Plants

WASHINGTON — Today, Hip Hop Caucus’ Senior Director of Campaigns and Advocacy Russell Armstrong issued the following statement in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s final rule that will significantly reduce toxic air pollution from chemical plants, including ethylene oxide and chloroprene:

“”The Environmental Protection Agency’s long-awaited signing of rules to reduce toxic air pollution from chemical plants is worthy of their namesake. By targeting pollution from both ethylene oxide (EtO) and chloroprene, the EPA can significantly increase quality of life for people living near these plants, which are disproportionately located in frontline communities in Texas and Louisiana. Both chemicals lead to numerous adverse health conditions including cancer in small doses, especially to children.

This rule could be used to force chronic polluters such as the Denka (formerly Dupont) plant in St. John the Baptist parish to make significant changes or close for endangering lives. This plant, one of the only places that makes neoprene in the country, is located near a predominantly Black elementary school where children are exposed to nearly 400 times what is considered safe. Cutting these emissions will save lives and limit cancer rates while addressing environmental racism.

This is another good move by the Administration for environmental justice communities in a string of recent rules. We look forward to seeing more and working together on behalf of the people.”