Hip Hop Caucus Statement on the Discovery of 215 Bodies behind a Hinds County, Mississippi Jail

Today, Hip Hop Caucus’ Campaigns Manager Marsha Gosier issued the following statement in response to the alarming discovery of 215 multiracial bodies in unmarked graves near Jackson, Mississippi:

“Hip Hop Caucus stands in solidarity with civil rights attorney Ben Crump and the families of Dexter Wade, Marrio Moore and Jonathan Hankins by calling for a swift and thorough investigation by the Justice Department into the tragic and inhumane discovery of 215 multiracial bodies in unmarked graves behind the Hinds County, Mississippi jail. These circumstances are deeply concerning, warrant immediate attention, and highlight the urgent need to address issues related to deaths in custody and law enforcement accountability. 

The case of Dexter Wade, where crucial information was intentionally withheld from his family, is both heartbreaking and indicative of systemic problems in the criminal legal system. It underscores the importance of transparency and accountability at all levels of law enforcement. 

It is essential that this case is thoroughly investigated by the Justice Department, and the law enforcement officials responsible for the burial and lack of proper investigation, are held accountable.”