Hip Hop Caucus on Justice Kennedy’s Retirement

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June 27, 2018

Mark Antoniewicz


WASHINGTON, DC – In response to the news that United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring, Hip Hop Caucus President and CEO, Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., made the following statement:  


“Just as the hip hop community architects so much of American culture, so does the Supreme Court set the terms of law and justice in our country. With Justice Kennedy’s retirement, we need a replacement that respects our rights and freedoms to marry who we want, utilize safe and legal healthcare services, protect us in the workplace, ensure we have access to clean water and air, and the ability to combat climate change. It is vital the replacement also make decisions that allow the promise of American democracy by respecting every voter’s right to a voice in the future of our country. The next nominee to the court could make or break so many of these critical rights, values, and issues that we hold dear as Americans.”


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