WATCH: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee x Think 100%

Mustafa Santiago Ali, Think 100% co-host and Hip Hop Caucus Senior Vice President, spent 24 years at the United States Environmental Protection Agency working to right wrongs, revitalize communities, and enhance programs that protect our health and planet....

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Why we marched. #MarchForOurLives

Last Saturday was powerful, but the real work lays ahead. Our communities face daily gun violence. We need change and can’t wait any longer. Change happens by making sure we have power at the polls in November. So at March For Our Lives, we set out with...

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Our People’s Climate Music project has released a cover of “Here Comes the Sun” by Grammy nominated artists Antonique Smith and Jeremih. Their interpretation of “Here Comes the Sun” is a message of hope and affirmation of our humanity and goodness when it comes to coming together to help each other in disaster and crises, regardless of our differences or divisions. Get the song now, the profits from this record are being donated to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria relief efforts in frontline communities.